1Z0-215 : Oracle EBS R12: General Ledger and Payables Fundamentals is one exam of oracle certification .
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1. What is a benefit of the secondary tracking segment?
A. Additional security ensures that correct accounts are selected while entering transactions.
B. The Management segment is enabled automatically when the secondary segment is defined.
C. More details are provided to retained earnings, cumulative translation adjustments, and revaluation
gains/losses accounts.
Answer: C
2. Isa Global Inc. is based in the United States with divisions in Europe and Asia. All journal imports,
recurring journals, mass allocations, and manual journal entries have been posted for their European
What is the next logical step in the period-close process?
A. opening the next period
B. closing the current period
C. revaluing foreign currency balances
D. translating to the functional currency
E. consolidating to the parent set of books
Answer: C
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